The first step to stop dog marking is to understand why it happens. Your pet will mark certain locations for several reasons:

1. He feels comfortable or nervous

2. To establish hierarchy or dominance in a territory

3. To “advertise” their sexual availability

4. dog marking due to separation anxieties

Dog urine will tell other dogs almost everything they need to know about the dog who urinated. It will give details such as: how long the dog has stayed in the vicinity, sexual availability, gender, age and where the dog hangs around. This article will discuss how to identify and stop dog marking.

Now that you know why dog marking occurs, you should know how to identify it and differentiate it from incontinence problems.  This will help stop dog marking. You will know that your dog is marking if:

  1. It’s not neutered yet and/or at least five months old
  2. The urine is directed to objects or walls
  3. The amount of urine is  small
  4. Your pet still urinates indoors even if gets a chance to urinate in the proper place
  5. There’s a new pet or member of the household

I don’t want to dwell on the details for each reason. It’s enough that you know why it happens. It’s more important to know how to stop dog marking. Read on as I share my own tips to stop dog marking.

  1. Catch your dog in the act by observing him for signs such as sniffing and circling a certain area. Distract your dog with a loud noise or a shaker once he starts to lift his leg to mark an area.  Once he looks at you, give him the “no peeing” command.
  2. Neuter your dog. It isn’t true that marking is more prevalent to female dogs. Truth be told, male dogs have a higher tendency to mark. Neutering has a 90% chance to stop dog marking.
  3. Clean the marked area very well. Make sure to avoid cleansers that contain ammonia or vinegar. These ingredients smell like dog urine and thus wastes your effort in cleaning.
  4. Establish dominance, tell your dog who’s boss. Social hierarchy in the canine society is more complicated than we think. You can easily establish your dominance by eating before your dog does. Prepare his food then make him wait until you finish your meal. Pass through doors before he does and don’t let him jump into your bed and couch. This may seem a bit harsh, but in your dog’s eyes it simply means that you’re not his equal.
  5. If your beloved pet is uncomfortable with a certain area, feed him near area he’s marking. It’s also advisable to groom, play and let him sleep there. Same goes if your pet is uncomfortable with a new member in the household. Making sure that your dog is comfortable goes a long way to stop dog marking

If you’ve followed all these tips but are still not able to stop dog marking, you should consider seeking the help of a vet. There might be a serious concern that you should attend to.

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