It is imperative that Mastiff training is a skill you should know if you love big dogs such as the  Mastiff. If you want to take home a Mastiff puppy,  you have to be really serious that you want to make it a part of your household, because you need to provide it with good training, otherwise, this giant will bring you trouble if you will just rely on its instincts.

As you have presumed, Mastiffs are highly trainable and they are very loyal dogs that love to make their master happy.  It is necessary to train a Mastiff  while the dog  is still young.  The main ingredient for a successful Mastiff training is still consistency,

What Makes Mastiffs Special

Mastiffs are not as agile as smaller dog breeds.  They are calm and they don’t easily get excited.  This makes it necessary for you to give this giant regular exercise; and they don’t jog or run that much on their own.  This implies that your active participation is necessary in this area, on a regular basis.

You also need to consider that Mastiffs need regular company to prevent them from becoming anxious or erratic.  Your presence is more important to it than the  Mastiff training you provide it with; and they also need to be socialized.

As the Mastiff is a giant, it is also a bit stubborn.  But you have to bear in mind that it wants to please you.  You need to have a lot of patience when training your Mastiff.

Mastiff Training Basics

Do not attempt to separate a Mastiff puppy from its mother if it is less than eight weeks old.  The first eight weeks of its young life is a very important socialization period that the puppy can spend with its mother and the rest of its litter.  Mastiff puppy training actually begins in its own litter.

Provide your Mastiff puppy with daily companionship until it reaches three months old.  You should also socialize it with other dogs during this stage as often as possible.

Being large and intimidating, avoid training your Mastiff to be a guard dog, as they will not be easy to control once its temper rises or once they realize that they are expected to guard.  Mastiffs are naturally protective.

Mastiff Training for Obedience

Mastiff training  for obedience is not a complicated task, and it is ideally given when the dog is still young, at 10 – 14 weeks, usually after the puppy has been housebroken.  You have to treat your Mastiff with kindness.  Being aggressive or violent to a Mastiff might result in consequence undesirable consequences as the Mastiff grows.

You don’t have to expect your mastiff to perform all the tricks there is in the training guide, as some of the tricks will not be practical for it to perform considering its size and calmness of behavior.  The commands that would be practical and applicable to a Mastiff are sit, stay and to walk on a leash.  It is also prudent to teach the Mastiff not to chase, as they are difficult to stop for their size.

If you have decided to adopt a Mastiff, you already know that you need to train it.  Mastiff training is not at all very complicated; it only requires an extended patience and consistency of practice.  Just make it a point before bringing home a Mastiff; you must be committed  to socialize it with  humans and other dogs because it wants to be part of a big family.

Training By Breed