Dog Potty training is an essential regimen that dogs must undergo while they are yet puppies.  This is the kind of training that teaches your puppy to know where and when to poop.  In many urbanized parts of the world, dog house training has been practiced for years, but a large number of dogs are still naive about this.  Dog potty training helps dog owners to prevent their dog from dropping its poop just about anywhere in the house.

In order to make your dog potty training effective, you need to comply with these basic requirements:

The Timing

Potty training cannot be enforced anytime you want.  Perfect timing is needed in order for you to teach your dog about this behavior-forming training, and the perfect time is right when the puppy is in the act of pooping. When you catch your puppy pooping inside the house, you have to stop your puppy and take it outside where he can continue or finish his business.

But you just can’t simply stop your dog from relieving itself any way you want.  There is a certain command that you should use in order to signal your dog to stop.  First of all, you should make sure when you give the command, your voice does not sound angry or hysterical.  “Outside,” this is the command that you should give to your dog when you want it to exit.  Then slowly lead it outside towards the place that you specify for your pet to relieve when its urge arises.

The Act

Owners most often do not catch their puppy in the act of eliminating.  When you discover that your puppy has already done so, it is most advisable for you to ignore the act as you haven’t seen it.  Do not rub your puppy’s nose on its poop as it won’t help in making it learn the lesson.  You will have to wait for the occasion, wherein you can catch your dog actually doing the act and teach it accordingly.

You could also dramatize your disapproval of the dog’s indiscriminate pooping by scolding the poop in the puppy’s presence instead of shoving its face into its feces, which it couldn’t even remember doing with the passing of a few seconds.

Remember, scolding your dog minutes after it poops inside won’t help at all. Scolding cannot remind your pet of what it has done earlier.

The Accompaniment

If your dog comes back inside to continue pooping after being ordered to go out to eliminate, chances are your dog doesn’t understand what you want it to do outside.

Make sure your dog performs what you want it to do by accompanying it out of the house and teaching it patiently.  The training could be done more effectively if you use a leash, which facilitates better control of your dog while in training.

The Command

The general use of commands as effective training tools is to apply them as a means of communication with the dog.  But the main problem that most dog owners don’t know is that the commands, which uses words, are alien to your dog and it cannot understand a single spoken command if it can’t associate the order with a certain situation.

In this regard, you must properly introduce the commands so that your dog can accordingly give back positive responses.  As an example, you could introduce the word “outside” to instruct it to go out, and once your pet is out, you can issue the command “go potty” to give the signal that it is time to release.

Reinforce your dog’s behavior with praises, especially if it succeeds in obeying your command.  Be consistent with the process in a way that will condition your pet to comply with the potty training commands that you want to make it learn.  In time, your dog will just develop the habit of eliminating outside the house without the need for you to give the order.

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