Dog obedience training is one of the most vital aspects that will play a part in a dog’s relationship with its master.  This training will teach the dog how to conduct itself in certain situations that it will likely encounter in the days ahead.  Using a professional trainer to train dogs about obedience involves costs.  Some owners cannot afford to spend for the cost of such training.  As an alternative, they will opt to do the training themselves.

The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training

As was observed, dogs in obedience training show quickness in adapting and responding to definite commands that are clearly delivered.  This implies that you have to learn how these commands are being issued.  People should understand that dog ownership is a responsibility and dogs need to be treated as they are, and not as individuals that have human understanding.  To start with, you should consider that dog training is a two-way communication between you and your dog and in the training process, these should be clearly established.

Always remember that Alpha leadership is the foundation of every aspect of a dog’s training.  You should assert authority over your dog to demonstrate your dominance.  Your dog must always remember that you are the one in charge and that it must obey.  If your dog can see that other dogs or members of your family are giving you the same regard, it will be easier for it to adapt to that order.

Basic Dog Commands

Using a dog obedience training handbook or manual, you can train the dog to perform basic obedience commands like sit, stay, heel, speak or quiet.  These commands will give the dog its basic awareness that its master is communicating and its attention is required.  Dogs that can perform these basic commands will not find it too hard to learn more tricks in the future.

Dogs instinctively bark or bite.  Preventing a dog from doing what it is naturally made to do are among hardest part to deal with in the dog training process.  There are different levels of obedience training that can address these problems to ensure that your dog is going in the right direction.  Biting should be eliminated while the dog is still young.

Teach your dog to behave while you are walking.  With proper training, you can prevent it from pulling you down the street or running around you.  Again, you can refer to your dog training guide to learn this, or you may ask a trainer for some pointers on how this is done.  This should not cost you much.

It is important to train a dog to obey.  Its skills can help it in many ways.  Dogs that don’t behave well and still below 12 months old can still learn dog obedience lessons, but you need to figure out a good dog training class to equip your dog with the necessary foundations.

Carrying it Forward at Home

Consistency plays an important role in making the dog retain what it has learned.  It is important to make a follow-through of what your dog has learned with constant practice at home.  This is one of the ways to show to your dog that you are always in control.  Always see to it that the other members of the family are also following along with what you teach your dog to show  that its behavior is appreciated.

Again, consistency is one of the most important aspects of dog obedience training.  Dogs do what they are taught to perform only when the command is given. They don’t do it by themselves and they need to be consistently reminded of these to keep them from reverting back to their old ways.  Stopping or forgetting to reassert your orders a big no, no if you want to maintain the behavior that you and your dog worked so hard for to achieve.

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