Dog grooming is one of the most important aspects of dog care. Some people think that grooming is only synonymous with clothing and bathing, but on the contrary, dog grooming actually deals with the all-around cleanliness and beauty of your dog such as combing, brushing, dead hair removal and matting prevention.

Proper dog grooming stimulates sufficient supply of blood to the dog’s skin.  This is the reason why a dog that is consistently groomed has a shinier and healthier coat.

Dog’s Coat

Brushing the dog’s hair daily removes the dirt in the dog’s coat.  It also allows the even distribution of natural oil all over your dog’s entire coat.  The brush removes the tangles that form and prevents future tangles from forming.  Grooming also prevents skin irritations as well as it keeps the dog’s skin free from dirt and ticks.

You can make your dog used to dog  grooming sessions while it is still young.  This does not necessarily mean that older dogs do not deserve a share for good grooming.  When you do dog grooming, be sure to give your dog lots of praises in order to make the it enjoy the routine.


A dog’s nails need to be trimmed once a month.  You should be equipped with a sharp nail clipper for dogs.  Guillotine or scissor clippers are also good alternatives.  You also need a small blood- clotting powder bottle which you can immediately apply in case you accidentally cut a blood vessel or nerve in the process.  Cut your dog’s nails gently.


Dog ear care is one of the most important parts of dog grooming.  The dog’s ears need proper care because infections can easily get into the dog’s ear where ticks and soil can easily find their way in especially if your dog frequents the outdoors. You also need to understand the warning signs of dog ear infections.  When your dog continuously scratches its ear[s], of it shakes its head often and its ears[s] displays red spots or emit unusual odor, you need to check your dog’s ear.

Dog ear cleaning is necessary twice a month.  An indication of a healthy dog ear is a pinkish color of the dog’s inner ear as well as its flaps.  Black, brown and red skin colors are indications that your dog needs to be taken to a vet.  A dog’s ear that produces unpleasant smell is also a sign that your dog’s ear is not healthy.

You can use mineral oil and cotton balls to remove dirt from your dog’s ears or to maintain its cleanliness.  Don’t go too deep into the dog’s ear as you might hurt it.


The dog’s teeth also need care as they have a tendency to develop cavities.  To clean your dog’s teeth, you can use a small brush with soft bristles. Apply pet’s toothpaste twice a week.  If you find it hard to brush your dog’s teeth yourself, a vet can show you how.


Bathing is the main subject of dog grooming.  You need to brush your dog’s hair lightly prior to each bathing.

Having a pet dog requires you to be equally responsive to its needs.  Dogs do not only need attention and feeding, they also need good dog grooming.   You may not believe it, but a good grooming brush and lots of toys can be good training aids.  Its a natural instinct for a dog to love to be groomed and played with by their master.  These will also help the dog stay calm and quiet and feeling assured.  This display of closeness can help the dog abandon its negative behaviors like excessive barking and chewing.

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