Dachshunds are among the cutest dog breeds in this era.  But Dachshund training can be challenging as these hot dog shaped creatures are easily irritated.  Even with their attitude and temper, Dachshunds can really be trained to be less unruly – but it requires lots of patience.  This attitude is actually the reason why you should train your Dachshund to behave well.

What Makes Dachshunds Different

Patience is the number one requirement if you want to provide your little Dachshunds with training, as these little guys are among the most stubborn of dog breeds.  They are the kind of dogs that seem to have a world of their own.

When training your Dachshund, the first thing you should always bear in mind is to  treat it like a dog at all times because it is, no matter how cute it may be.   Giving your Dachshund some special treatment will only put you on the losing end of the training rope. It is good to emphasize to your Dachshund that you are the one in control, and its duty is to submit.

Dachshunds are strong-willed little creatures that can easily get themselves into trouble.  By giving them some training, you are actually protecting them from potential risks that may result  from its stubbornness.

The Fundamentals of Dachshund Training

Expose your Dachshunds to proper training and enough exercise while they are still young.  Dachshunds are energetic little animals that have a tendency to redirect their unused energy to wreck havoc in your household, and this is the least that you can afford to happen.  Exposing the Dachshund to sufficient exercise will make its training easier, although it still needs a careful and well-planned regimen.

Dachshund training should be made in short five-minute sittings.  This is to ensure that it is aware of what you wantt it to learn.   Dachshunds are known for their short attention span and they  have this innate toughness that once they lose interest, you will never have a chance to get through them.

Like most dogs, Dachshunds should be taught basic dog skills like “sit”,  stay or  “down.”  Their miniature stature gives them plenty of restraints that limit them from doing what average-size dogs can do.  You may impose some restrictions like preventing them from jumping on furniture, just to teach them that some things are not allowed.

Dachshund training with the clicker  method is also  effective  in teaching it to behave.  They don’t have acute hearing skills but they respond very well to sharp single sounds.  Again, this should be done in short spans in order to get the best of its attention.

Reward the Dachshund with physical attention or some treats for positive behavior.  Punishing it only makes it more stubborn, tough and likely to become aggressive.  As a general rule, always be gentle with your dog if you want it to master good behavior.

Dachshund training  is a taxing job which needs time, effort and persistence.  Dachshunds are cute little creatures which are stubborn and can sometimes become unruly.  If you lose your patience in trying to teach it to behave, you also lose to it in the battle of wills.

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