When training a dog, one would almost always get tempted to commit common dog training mistakes, believing that he is right in the first place.  This article will correct those common paradigms that had been the pitfalls of dog training.

Looking at you straight in the eye, any dog owner can tell you that the task of dog training is not a walk in the park.  Many dog owners think dogs could just easily remember and learn all those exercises and behavior patterns after a few days of teaching and practice.

Only a few experienced dog owners actually know that dog training can actually take months before the dog masters the behavior or trick the owner teaches it, considering that he is equipped with the right methods and knowledge.  But if the owner steps into the pitfalls of common dog training mistakes, his training would be more difficult, and the dog’s learning process takes much longer.    The most important thing you should do as a trainer is to make the training a positive experience that you and your dog can share.

Common Dog Training Mistakes

The most common dog training mistake is that most dog owners are drawn to notice the little “mistakes” their dog makes and they are almost always tempted to punish their innocent little pet, instead of focusing on rewarding it if it performs correctly.

It’s a very common mistake for owners to ignore the attention that their dog is seeking.  Dogs actually will do just about anything just to please their beloved master and to get his approval; thus, focusing on rewards for a job well done gives better results rather than punishing it when it commits mistakes.

Another one of those common dog training mistakes that you may still be committing until now is the assumption that your dog understands what you’re saying.  Contrary to most owners’ beliefs, dogs don’t possess memory like we humans do and it doesn’t understand human language except to associate a few words with specific actions.  If your dog has done something bad and you scold it will not be able to relate your scolding with the mess it created.  You need to catch your dog in the act and correct it at once as it cannot connect what you say to what it has done five minutes back.

Becoming angry at your dog if it does not understand anything you say, or if it continues to commit the same mistake even if you have scolded it  is a big mistake.  Remember, punishing a dog minutes after the act is committed  does not work to improve its behavior.  It only causes confusion instead.

The last but not the least of common dog training mistakes that most owners may be guilty of is to be overly upset if their dog doesn’t come at par with their expectations in so far as its learning progress is concerned.   Dogs  do not deliberately do what they do to make you angry.  If it is not progressing as your expectations tell you, it’s either your expectations are too high or there is another mistake somewhere in the way you train your dog; it may be time to see a professional trainer.

Seeing a dog trainer to help you train your dog is perfectly fine.  He could even give you some dog training insights or correct any training mistakes in your way of training.  By seeking professional help in dog training, you can be sure that you’re doing the right thing; you can also be assured that you are training your dog to actually become a happier and calmer pet.

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