For their stoic and daring characteristics, bulldogs have symbolized England since the 15th century.   They are the first and original lines of purebred dogs.  For their stubborn nature, training a bulldog puppy at home can be quite tedious.

Choosing Your Puppy

Bulldog puppies have a high mortality rate and they are susceptible to many sicknesses.   Proper attention must be given when selecting a bulldog puppy and the ratio of purity of your prospect puppy must be noted.  Puppies need to be mature enough to be separated from its litter.  Separating them at eight weeks of age is good enough.  Be sure to choose one that is healthy because these are very sensitive and can easily catch nose and ear infections especially at puppyhood.

You can start training a bulldog puppy as soon as it arrives at your home; provided it is at least 10 weeks old and properly socialized.  Future aggression issues can be avoided if un-socialized puppies and puppies below 10 weeks old are not prematurely subjected to training.

Bulldog Puppy Training

Bulldog puppies that are mature enough can be taught basic house training.  Crate training is especially recommended since these puppies are notably stubborn.  The housebreaking process is expected to take a while for them to learn, but once these are broken, a bulldog rarely violates these rules.

Once your bulldog puppy has learned the basic rules it is time for its master to start to establish his authority and leadership as the leader of the pack.  You can use toys to train your bulldog puppy not to bite by giving out clear whining sounds as they bite the toys.  This will give them the signal that their biting hurts the object that the puppy bites.  Teach your puppy its proper place in the house by simple restrictions such as not allowing it to jump on the couch and preventing it from sleeping in your bed.  At this point, the puppy should stay in its crate for as long as he can.

As your bulldog puppy is between three and six months old, it is time to move it up to a higher level of training which is centered on its obedience.  Basic commands such as sitting, lying down, staying, waiting or coming when called are recommended.

You will soon discover that bulldogs can easily pick up basic commands, but its strong nature simply keeps it from obeying your signals.

Using Bulldog Puppy Training to Protect Them

A bulldog’s daring and curious character will make it want to explore.  At an early age, you should teach a bulldog puppy to behave well especially in public places.  You should also train it to obey to stop at the curb.  Chasing cars could be its favorite sport if you will not teach it to avoid doing so.  Being stubborn and daring, bulldogs are riskier to have than other smaller breeds.  Proper measures should be taken when taking bulldogs in public places.  Unleashing a bulldog or allowing it to run away exposes your bulldog to risks.  You may get a bulldog off its leash only when you are sure that he is properly trained to obey.

At the start, training a bulldog puppy could be challenging and tough, but by and by you will soon discover that a bulldog is one of the most faithful and alert dogs you will ever have, as it faithfully stays by and follows your commands.  The most important thing is for you to establish your rules at the bulldog’s early stages of development and to make sure that it observes your rules all throughout.

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