It is important to know the different dog training methods before you start to train your dog.  This can help you make an informed decision what sort of training suits your pet at a given age.  It will also help you to determine the specific training need that your dog may have, based on it’s manifestations.

Rewards type of training –  it is the most popular dog training method everywhere.  As the name implies, you are going to reward your dog with a treat if it does something correctly.  The dog can associate its act with the treat that follows.  This method of training needs consistency.  Should you choose this method, you must be consistent with the rewards.

Choke collar method – this dog training method is used to let the dog behave well when walking with its owner on the leash.  The dog’s collar tightens and gives the dog a choking effect when it pulls on the leash, but when it walks correctly, the collar will be loose and comfortable.  The concept here is to train the dog to behave correctly while walking.  This type of training works because it is associated with pain or discomfort every time the dog does an undesirable behavior.  This is a controversial type of training and many pet owners are against this as it can hurt or injure the dog.

Whispering method – this is one of the most intriguing, yet potentially successful of known dog training methods.  This involves communicating with the dog and understanding its body language in order to find out what it wants.  This method has been proven effective by Cesar Millan, the Mexican founder of this method.  This can also be seen at the television series “The Dog Whisperer.”

Clicker method – this dog training method has been proven to work effectively.  This training works with the dog in a psychological way.  This method employs a clicker which is associated with something such as a treat.  Each time the dog does something correctly at the sound of the clicker, it receives a reward or a treat.  In time, the treat will be gradually removed from the training regimen, and the dog will eventually be rewarded with a distinct clicker noise each time it does something right.

Whistle training – this is a dog training method which is popularized by the use of  an ultrasonic whistle as the main tool for the training regimen .  In order to make it an effective tool as a dog training method, it is important to note that proper training on how to use the whistle should first be given to the dog trainer.

A person who doesn’t have the knowledge and the right tools will surely have a hard time training his dog.  Before embarking on a dog training regimen, it is important for a pet owner to get a considerable knowledge of the entire training program so that he can work on it from start to finish.  This will make the dog learn many things.  This will also help to remove or reduce some of the dog’s most common behavioral issues.

Train Your Dog Yourself, or Hire a Trainer?