Learn Dog Training Skills – You Can Do It!

Learn Dog TrainingToday is the day to learn dog training skills!

The Problem

Why do some people avoid training their dogs? Is it because they are afraid to try?  Is it because they lack the confidence to do it?

Have you ever wondered why people choose to live in an out-of-control environment where the dog rules the roost?  Most people living in that situation don’t even understand that they are being ruled by their pet.

Avoiding the Issue is NOT the Answer

Some people avoid dog training because of the expense of dog obedience classes – and they can be expensive.  For those of you who are budget conscious, but still want to put peace and harmony back into your homes, then this website is for you.

Learn corrective Dog Training Skills Like:

  • Stop Dog Barking – this can drive you and your neighbors nuts!
  • Stop Dog Whining – there is nothing worse than constant pooch whining – there are ways to deal with it.
  • Stop Dog Marking – there are few dog behaviours more destructive to you house than marking.
  • Stop Puppy Chewing – puppy chewing can be very costly if your pup chews on the wrong thing.
  • Stop Dog Biting – have you are your neighbors been bitten by your dog – this can be grounds for some serious trouble if you are not proactive in dealing with it.
  • Stop Dog Chasing – If you dog is prone to chasing cars, mailmen, other dogs, he can quickly put himself in a heap of danger if this is not corrected.

The Solution is Simple

The solution to these an other dog training issues is simple:

You Need an Accurate Picture

You need to have an accurate picture in your mind of the way things ought to be.   You need some good dog-owner mentors who do things the ‘right’ way.   If you don’t already have a friend or acquaintance who is a good role model, then take your dog out for a walk in a public setting where you can meet other dog owners – like a dog park.  When there, just sit and watch.  When you find someone that you admire in the handling of their pooch, ask them some questions about their training methods, etc.

You Need the Right Mindset

You need to understand your place in the family and your dog’s place in the family.  If you don’t get this right, you are in for a tough time.

You Need to Set Aside Some Time

You need to set aside some time for the development of your relationship with your dog.  It is a relationship where you need to establish the boundries of acceptable and non-acceptable behavior.  Nothing good comes for free and that is true with time with your dog.  The more time you put in up-front, the more rewards you will gain on the back end.

You Need to Understand Your Dog

Guess what, your dog is not human.  Your dog is a dog, is a dog, is a dog.  And until you learn some of how dogs act and respond, your training efforts can be hampered.

You Need to Right Training Techniques

Training a dog requires that you learn some skills.  And, some techniques work with certain dog (and dog breeds) and not very well with others.  However, the skills are very learnable – you just have to put in the effort.

You Need to Commit

A half-hearted commitment to seeing your dog properly trained will almost certainly yield sub-par results.  If things are going well at first, don’t give up.  Seek advice from others – read sources of training information – like this site for instance.  You must stick to your plan – your dog can be trained!

Have Fun

Owning a dog is supposed to bring fun and joy to your life – otherwise, why bother, right?  Try and have fun with your pooch – y0u will enjoy yourself more and he will enjoy being around you too.

Be Patient

Unrealistic expectations of results within a certain amount of time is a great source of frustration for many a dog owner.  While dogs can be very bright, they are still dogs and have a bunch of inbred, natural insticts that you are asking him/her to ignore (potentially) – and it’s not easy to do.

Stick around for a while – read the great articles that we have to help you.  We also have a free newsletter that we send out bi-weekly chocked full of helpful tips and tricks to make your dog-training-task easier.


Josh Kagan
Cofounder of LearnDogTraining.net

P.S. Realize that learning anything new can feel scary until you get the hang of it.  But you can learn dog training skills if you commit the time and put into practice what you read here…