If your dog has already gone through the basic training such as the obedience training and aggression control, you can now teach your dog basic commands to obey.  Teaching your dog to perform basic commands can be stimulating, especially if your pet is still a puppy.

Come – this is one of the most common of basic commands.  This  is issued when you want the dog to approach you when you call it.

You can always give your dog a motivating factor such as a treat when you ask it to perform basic commands like “come.”  See to it that you acknowledge the dog’s mere act of approaching you every time you call it.  This will reinforce  good behavior and your dog will  likely do it again.

Sit – this is one of the most useful of basic commands and every dog should be taught this trick.  The dog is taught to sit by always saying the word as the action is performed.  For example, you will say “sit” every time your dog sits down.  Another way to teach the dog to sit is to hold a treat over its head and move it backwards, prompting it to sit down.  You can give the “sit” command at this point.

Stay – this is one of the  basic commands that can help your dog avoid dangerous circumstances, but there are many more reasons why your dog must be taught to stay. One specific ground why you should teach your dog to stay is to stop it from pulling on the leash each time you take it out for a walk.  If you cannot control its abrupt or persistent pulling, it might put both of you in dangerous situation.

Lie down – this command will be helpful in many ways.  This is usually issued when you need to groom your dog or take some tick from it’s body.  Teaching a dog to lie down is  one of the hardest  to teach, but consistent repetition of this command will help the dog learn to do this trick.  Once the dog learns, make it a point to practice this as often as possible so that your dog will not forget what it learns.

Heel – this is given when you want your dog to walk beside you, especially if you’re walking it on a leash.  By issuing this basic command, your dog is expected to walk at your pace. This is prepared for dogs with the tendency to run freely.  This will ensure that your dog doesn’t walk away from you wherever you go.

There are various basic commands that you can train your dog to perform.  Knowledge of basic skills will also help to make your dog more attentive and alert.   Some of these basic commands are made for the purpose of ensuring that the dog behaves well for its own protection.  But it is your responsibility to make it learn these tricks to see to it that it behaves well.  It also allows you to assert your authority as alpha leader.  Be consistent not only with the rules but also with your rewards.  Let the dog perform your basic commands on a regular basis.  This will help your dog remember the pattern.

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