Puppy shyness is not an uncommon problem for dog owners, most especially in toy dog breeds.  But it has been observed that at least one shy puppy can be found in each litter.  According to experts, pet owners are supposed to give these types of puppies some kind of special consideration for their special personality.

As days go by and your shy puppy grows, they will develop the tendency to be dependent to their owners to reinforce them in every a majority of aspects of their day to day existence.  But this kind of dependence will have a negative impact on your pet as it may tend to develop aggressive behavior if the attention it so desires is threatened by another pet or individual.  Experts call this condition as aggression induced by fear.

It might be good to give your puppy some kind of assurance that you are always around to shower with the attention and protection it needs when it feels withdrawn and scared.  But experts say that your act of constantly giving your pet the attention and reassurance only reinforces puppy shyness, which is a negative behavior.  While it is true that it is difficult to resist stroking or caressing your puppy when it needs your reassuring touch, you have to make that firm decision to help your pet to overcome its negative personality.  Always running to your puppy’s rescue each time it is afraid or feeling timid is just like telling it that it is just alright to be scared.

Helping Your Shy Puppy Change

Puppy shyness and fear needs to be dealt with a firm stand to help your pet make the needed adjustment.  One of the very first things you need to accomplish is to persuade your pet to recognize the fact that you are not its protector.  You also need to put to a stop, the behaviors that it used to show when it gets scared, like barking while taking cover behind you when it is frightened, or running away when it sees something strange.

Puppy shyness can be reduced with the following tips:

1. Ask your friends’ cooperation to ignore your puppy’s barking which is induced by fear.  By simply ignoring your puppy’s you and your friends are actually teaching it to learn that there is no need to feel afraid.

2. Make your pet get used to meeting people by keeping it by your side each time you have a guest coming.  You can keep it from hiding behind your legs by securing it with a lead.  The experience of being with people without getting harmed or just staying there without being soothed of srtoked will make the puppy understand that it doesn’t really need reassurance because there is nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

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