The Chihuahua is one of the cutest dogs in America.  Few  Chihuahua owners are ever interested in training their little dogs, considering their small and harmless demeanor.  But despite its  size, the Chihuahua is a breed of aggressive little dogs.  Chihuahuas are known to be very stubborn.  Hence, a serious Chihuahua training is necessary.  Your chihuahua training should be started while the dog is still  young.

Why You Should Learn Chihuahua Training

As dogs, Chihuahuas are unique in nature.  They are bred for companionship and they can be perfectly happy just by being with their masters all the time.  But this attachment has a tendency to become a problem and  a cause for future aggression issues, especially if these little dogs are not properly trained to socialize with other dogs.

A majority of Chihuahuas act bigger than their actual size.  This  can become a cause for them to get hurt especially if they are not properly trained.  Moreover, they have a tendency to be aloof especially to strangers,  aggressive towards other dogs, unfriendly towards kids and they easily become agitated even to slight commotions outside of the house. Being confined in a little world makes the Chihuahua a very territorial little dog.   Chihuahua training is therefore imperative  in order for it to live up to its cuteness.

How Chihuahua Training is Done

The Chihuahua is a small dog, but thinks that it’s the one in control of the house.  When you do Chihuahua training,  you should start by letting it know that you are in control and that you are the leader of the pack.  The Chihuahua must take its own place in the house and you as the leader should establish boundaries for it to observe.

You should control the Chihuahua’s feeding times.  Avoid giving it the chance to take control of its eating desires.  Do not allow it to eat as it pleases,  You should be the to dictate when it is allowed to eat.  This will make your Chihuahua realize that somebody is in control and that it should submit, otherwise, its food will not come.

Walking the Chihuahua at least twice a day is a good way to exercise it and to prevent it from getting bored, but allowing it to dictate it’s direction will only reinforce its stubborn nature.  To control the Chihuahua, you should take control of its leash.

Impose your leadership by not allowing the dog to go anywhere it wants, as it could give it a sense of control.  Clearly impose boundaries and do not allow it to claim your space.

No matter what it does to catch your attention, ignore the Chihuahua as you arrive or depart from your house.  Only attend to it when it relaxes.

Imposing true alpha leadership is one of the little secrets of Chihuahua training.  If you will not claim leadership, it will.

Optimizing Mental Stimulation

Chihuahua training involves mental stimulation as they are small and they easily get tired.  Most of them lack sufficient exercise because their owners don’t give them the chance.  Stimulate your Chihuahua mentally by training it to perform basic commands like sit, stay, speak, quiet, fetch and other tricks.

Chihuahua training also becomes easier when you  eliminate or limit its chances of challenging your leadership.  Avoid getting overwhelmed by its energy and stimulate it mentally by teaching it to perform some basic commands.  This will reduce the bad temperament issues of your cute little Chihuahua.

Understanding Your Dog's Body Language