Guard dog training is normally given to dogs which perform guarding duties.  But a large percentage of dogs are performing some kind of guarding responsibility in the households of their master.  Even without proper training and despite the lack in size for some of them, dogs have assumed this responsibility for hundreds of centuries.

Guard dogs are on the lookout for anything unusual in its territory.  It uses its best assets, its senses: hearing, smell, and sight in performing its job.  Anything strange will bring it to alert mode at once and it always take on its defenses, like barking or chasing other animals or objects that pose as threat to its surroundings.  Dogs have this innate guarding skill.  With a little more training, your will already have an effective guard dog in the house and the entire family.

To teach your dog to bark sensibly, watch out when it barks at  something unusual and reward it with a treat or a toy to chew then go to a family member.  After repeating the process a number of times, you can develop a certain conditioned reflex on your dog, that when it senses something strange, it should bark and go to a family member.

Another approach to this is by applying the clicker method.  You can sound the clicker each time your dog alerts you by its bark when it senses something unusual; then give it a treat.  This will teach your dog to associate the sound of the clicker with the reward.  Overtime, you will be able to replace the clicker sound and treat with a verbal command.

A dog that dutifully performs its job by barking is good, but you will come to a point to teach it to be quiet; and you need to train it to be “quiet.”  You can do this by using an “interrupter” when you need your pet to quiet down by shaking a can that contains pennies, or squirting its mouth with water and giving the “quiet” command.  The dog will instinctively lick the water, prompting it to stop barking; then give it a treat.  With constant practice, your dog will eventually learn to respond to the “quiet” command without the need to use water or the can of pennies.  These are all part of guard dog training.

Security dogs are steps above watchdogs because it is taught to aggressively defend its territory.  Security dogs are capable of inflicting injury or harm to people or other animals; it only implies that training your dog to become a security dog or adopting one is a serious business and  a big responsibility.

A lot of home security service providers recommend to their clients to display a “Beware of Dog” sign to deter unscrupulous individuals who may be devising a plan to break in.  These are security dogs.  Guard dogs don’t act like security dogs; they only need to be intelligent barkers that can alert the family every time something strange is sensed; and they learn these skills through guard dog training.

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