Dog whispering is a type of dog training that arouses the curiosity of many people.  Introduced by Cesar Millan in the TV series “The Dog Whisperer,” it’s intriguing to see how he was able to make the dogs obey his commands.

Dog Whispering can be learned by anyone.  It is actually a method which involves a two-way communication between the dog and its trainer/owner using body language as one of the mediums.

Dogs communicate through body language.  This has been their means of conveying their message to one another for centuries, even in the wild.  The dog whispering technique has become successful because it uses the principle of body language.

Be an Alpha Leader

If you want to apply dog whispering as a way of training, you should first establish that you are the alpha leader.  Allowing the dogs to act like they are in control will trigger aggression and stubbornness in them.  You should impose your leadership and the dog will submit to you.  This order should consistently prevail so that your dog’s behavior will not change overtime.  Dogs can easily spot changes in the way things are run and it has a tendency to get confused or it may try to assume dominance.

Learning the body language of dogs could be one of the most effective methods of understanding them, what they intend to express and what they are going through.  Learning to use body language as a way to communicate with our dogs is also a great way to strengthen our relationship with them.  Body language is a dog’s expression of what it wants to say because it cannot talk.  You should learn them if you want to apply the dog whispering method of training.  You may not be aware of it, but there a lot of times that your dog was able to read your bodily expression, only you were not able to interpret its response. If you already know other forms of dog training, you can incorporate it with the dog whispering method. This  can be a good combination in teaching your dog to behave well.

Observe Cesar Millan

You should take time to watch Cesar Millan’s TV Program to see how he applies the dog whispering method on his dogs.  You may find it hard to believe at first, yet it is true.  You may even be able to pick up some useful tips as you watch the show.  Some books and courses that teach dog owners to become whisperers are also offered in the market.  Some of the most common resources of the whispering method are dog training e-books, dog training DVDs and dog training manuals.  The training is a bit intriguing and may seem “silly,” but it could be an effective dog training method.  It is actually about a strong mutual understanding between the dog and its master.  Understanding one another is the beginning of good communication.  Its a fact.

Dog whispering is getting everybody’s attention nowadays.  Now is the time for you to learn to become a whisperer.  It works.

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