What has dog training treats to do with the dog training regimen, and why should you be careful with them?

Everybody knows that obesity has become a worldwide problem these days.  The trouble that it brings to those affected does not actually end with how he or she looks, but in its association with serious sicknesses such as diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis and countless other maladies that can even be fatal.  The alarming thing about this condition is that it also seems to affect our pets.

There is no argument to the fact that the amount of dog training treats that dog owners give to their dogs during training has something to do with the problem of dog obesity.  Lots of new dog owners carry the feeling of eagerness to lavish their pets with treats or table scraps without minding what these can bring to their dog’s health overtime.  If you are the type of dog owner who has the tendency to spoil your dog with dog training treats, you need to consider many things relative to dog training in order to keep your dog in prefect shape.

Alternatives to Dog Training Treats

To start with, you should bear in mind that dog training treats are not the only things you can reward your dog with if you are pleased with the way it behaves.  Dogs also acknowledge positive attention from their masters just like any reward they receive.  Petting, saying kind words, showing affection and spending time with your dog makes it feel rewarded more than a fattening treat does.  Taking out a toy that you and your dog can play with for a few minutes, such as a small ball can be a good substitute for dog training treats.

Giving your dog positive attention and physically rewarding it with gentle touch can also be expressed in grooming.  Dogs like to be brushed when it is done properly; and this method of expressing attention in lieu of dog training treats can help keep your dog calm and assured instead of making it fat!

All these are but alternatives that will help you avoid the negative effects of dog training treats.  It doesn’t really mean that you have to stop rewarding your pet with dog training treats.  It only implies that you need to use it wisely so as not to spoil its health instead.  One other thing that you need to consider when buying dog training treats are the ingredients used in producing these, as some of these are nothing but fat and sugar.  When buying dog training treats, you should choose the brands that are leaner and protein-rich.  Dogs naturally love the taste of protein, especially the taste of lean meats such as the ones that are made from chicken or turkey.

Being a responsible dog owner, you should be observant of your dog’s appearance.  If it appears overweight, it is high time for you to re-assess what type of dog training treats you are using and how you use them.  Another wise idea would be to devise alternatives of rewarding your dog instead of over-indulging it with some fattening dog training treats which will take its toll on your pet in the days head if you don’t act at once.

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