Dog training tips are a big source of basic knowledge before you can start a dog training regimen. The first dog training tip that you need to know is  to determine – and be able to give  – what your dog needs to learn in so far as its present behavior is concerned.   One of our most common misconceptions is the notion that dogs are very smart and that they are guided by thoughts.  Actually, its moves are mere responses to the stimuli you give.  It simply acts as a dog that wants acceptance as a member of the pack.

Good dog training tips will always tell you that scolding or yelling at your dog will not work if you want to correct any undesirable behavior that it shows or if you want it to learn new things.  The best way is to focus on practical approaches to change its responses, and this is where dog training comes in.

Core Dog Training Tips

Before training a dog, a trainer should first consider a few basic things that will help make his job easier.  These dog training tips can help you decide which type of training is immediately needed by your dog based on the behavior it shows.

Crate Training – this form of training entails a crate that the dog can claim as his “home”.  The dog should be made to consider the crate as his place of rest or sanctuary, rather than a means of punishment.  You should spend time with the dog while he is in the crate to make him feel relaxed in it, as it is an effective housebreaking tool; it can also reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress.

Leash Training – teaching a dog to calm down to a point of giving you full control will reduce leash issues in dogs.  Being in a controlled state, your dog will follow your order and not get too agitated.  Instead of allowing your dog to run around and pull, make him sit and wait by your side before resuming your walk.  It won’t take long for your dog to associate your pulling with the stop of their walk.  This can be achieved through proper dog training.

The Alpha Position – Always take note that learning is not the dog’s responsibility when you subject it to dog training.  It cannot comprehend anything you say and it doesn’t have any idea what you want.  It is your obligation to show to the dog your authority and position.  You must be in control.  This will make your dog ease up and obey you without having much apprehension.  Understand your dog’s instincts and use it to instill order.

Obedience Training – An obedience class has many things for the dog owner to learn.  In these classes, pet owners are taught the importance of the alpha leadership position in the household, maintain control over their dog[s] and show sheer authority over them.  If you have problems getting your dog to submit, you need to consider an obedience class for your dog.

The Importance of Consistency

All dog training tips, training guides and manuals emphasize consistency as a way to maintain a dog’s learned skill.  Dogs are smart in countless ways, but the skills they learn are mere responses to repeated stimuli.  You should be consistent in repeating what you have trained your dog to perform otherwise they will stop obeying your commands.  Good dog training is a challenging job, but it is a fulfilling one.  Referring to reliable dog training tips can help you simplify your job as a dog owner. You should not deprive your dog of training if you want to shape its behavior very nicely.

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