Clicker Dog Training is among the most effective methods of managing a dog’s behavior when training them to obey basic commands.   A well operated clicker is a very good tool to teach a dog almost anything.

How Clicker Training Works

The concept associated with the clicker dog training is to train the dog to relate to the sound of the clicker, such as loud and clear sound signals that the dogs can hear from as far as over 20 yards away.  The objective of this training is to spot a dog’s good behavior which the trainer also acknowledges by a distinct clicker sound.

The clicker dog training does not begin with the clicker itself.  The first step actually starts with the dog taught to learn that the clicker is a reward for good behavior, which the trainer can express with little treats.

One important point to note at this point is that the dog should be made to hear the sound of the clicker only when it does a good job, and a reward is coming.   Verbal commands may be given although the dog does not have the ability to relate to these with the clicker at this stage.

How Clicker Dog Training is Done

There are three basic steps in training a dog to respond to the clicker.  The first thing to do is to teach the dog to obey basic commands like sitting, staying, rolling over or any other trick you want the dog to learn.  Once the dog learns to perform these tricks, you can indicate it with a clicker and a corresponding reward.

Normally, two to three markings are needed to be repeated in order for a dog to detect a pattern in relation to the sound of the clicker.  Dogs respond to the clicker because the they can connect it with a coming reward.  But it takes time for the dog to learn to perform verbal commands.

As the dog learns his behavior training, this practice should be continued in order to make it a normal part of the dog’s activities.  But it is still alright to pet and praise the dog for a job well done in lieu of treats.

Transitioning to a Command

Through good observation, you can determine if the dog has already mastered the behavior well.  At this point, you can already transition your clicker dog training to spoken commands.  This is done by saying the specific command first followed by the click and the reward.  Your dog will learn quickly with this.

As your dog learns through the clicker training, it will gradually learn to respond to verbal commands using the systematic method.  A treat or praise will reinforce the dog’s learning ability.  You can eventually eliminate the treats overtime especially by showing the dog that its obedience pleases you.

Training your dog how to behave with the use of the clicker dog training can be done in many ways.  But it is important to note your dog’s good responses to specific clicks are followed by rewards.  Your dog will not remember these until the dog sees a consistent pattern.  Gradually, this becomes behavior for you to exploit and hone at a later time.

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